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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shared hosting and Is it any good?

Shared hosting also known as shared website hosting is a type of hosting service where a single physical server hosts multiple websites. Besides sharing the server space, your website also shares the resources virtually which includes RAM, CPU, Entry process, IO and bandwidth with other user websites hosted on the same server. When you decide to buy shared web hosting, the only thing you get dedicated is the storage space which can be utilized up to allocated size. Rest everything is shared. Shared website hosting is the most economical way to build your presence online, as the server maintenance costs is divided with all other users and you which makes shared web hosting the first choice among most website owners and developers. Additionally, shared website hosting is always the best for small business website!

Here at WEBSTRIO Hosting Services, we offer best shared web hosting at affordable pricing with a wide range of plans to choose from. With this, we include best of the features like free SSL certificate, WordPress website builder and theme, One-click installer, and priority support to help you to have a wonderful web hosting experience.

What are the benefits of shared web hosting?

Shared hosting is a great value deal for beginners to take their website online. The biggest benefit of a shared hosting plan is that it’s both affordable and beginner-friendly. Shared website hosting is the most popular and widely used type of hosting service worldwide. It comes with a lot of benefits & features. Below is the list of benefits shared web hosting offers:

Affordable Hosting Solution: Shared hosting is known for offering the most cost-effective hosting option. It’s best for entry-level websites which barely has any website traffic. You can take your personal / business website online easily by choosing shared web hosting which starts from the price as low as buying a domain name.

Decent Speed: Cheap shared hosting plan comes with a decent speed for your website to score above average on Google page insights & Gtmetrix.

Easy to Upgrade: A newbie / first time website owners can always start with basic plan of shared web hosting and can upgrade as the online business website grows and demands more resources like storage etc. Easy to use

Control Panel: Managing websites can really be a tough task, especially if you are getting started for the first time and that too without a hosting panel. However, shared web hosting always will offer a built-in control panel which allows you to manage your web hosting-related tasks easily like managing databases, emails, files and directories, uploading or downloading images and a lot more.

Do I get a free SSL certificate with a shared web hosting plan?

Yes! You get a 2048bit Free ssl certificate for unlimited websites you host with us in each shared web hosting plan at WEBSTRIO Hosting Services

What is the server configuration of shared web hosting?

We offer multiple shared hosting plans, and 2 things which are common in every shared web hosting plan offered by WEBSTRIO Hosting Services are the Core CPU & RAM. By default there is 1GB vRAM and 1Core vCPU in each shared hosting plan you buy from us which can be upgraded based on your requirement by paying a nominal charge. Please contact us to know more about IO, IOPS, and Entry process in different plans.

Still Not Sure If a Shared Hosting Is Right for You?

Choosing the right hosting plan is important as it decides the future of your website. It is essential to choose the right hosting plan based on your website’s requirements. There are different types of hosting plans out there, and it is up to you to decide which one will work best for your website.

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WEBSTRIO Hosting Services is really good and affordable. Highly recommend WEBSTRIO Hosting Services for any one who need secure and best performance hosting.


Managing Partner, Easy Pack Packing Solution

WEBSTRIO Hosting is a best option for people who are looking for high performance in website loading speed with an affordable price.

Shiyas Kuniyil

CEO, Vythiri Greens Resort

WEBSTRIO Hosting is one of the best hosting provider in India. They offers the best hosting packages that meet your budget and requirements. Their staff is very responsive and customer service is very quick to respond.

Athrapulikkal Balakrishnan

Owner, CBHSS School

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