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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Hosting?

In simply language, when you host a website on a cloud platform then it is known as cloud hosting. It is a powerful hosting service that makes your site run upto 20x faster due to the state-of-the-art cloud servers. At WEBSTRIO Hosting, we offer the best & cheap WordPress cloud web hosting plans to boost your website’s performance, stability & security.

Is Shared Web Hosting different than WordPress Cloud Hosting?

A Cloud web hosting is mainly built on a cloud or VPS server enriched with adequate server resources are enriched with a number of features & support parameters when compared to ordinary cheap shared hosting plans. We, at WEBSTRIO Hosting Services offers a combination of premium ness and cloud computing to host websites known as premium cloud web hosting which offers a low latency hosting server for Indian users with high server resources starting from 2Core vCPU and 2GB vRAM which makes your business website super fast, stable and secured all the time. The server resources in cloud / vps hosting server can go upto 10Core vCPU & 64GB vRAM in case you need more resources which is majorly required for a very large website or application.

How to choose Best, Premium & Cheap Cloud Web Hosting provider?

There are many important things you should check before you buy a cloud hosting plan. Some of them are listed below so that you don’t make a mistake end up buy any random & highly advertised web hosting plan for your business:

1. Server Configuration: One of the key important factor of high speed web hosting is the server configuration. You should ask your hosting provider on call or chat to be sure of the hosting resources & configuration like most of the cheap cloud hosting plan offers less Core & RAM, high latency, low entry process, low I/O speed (Input/output) and less bandwidth which does not makes them worth it and will be super slow when you get traffic on your website.

2. Support: Almost every developer / web designing expert needs support when it comes in hosting a website online. We also need to understand that anything which is technology easy can also create faults and no web hosting provider can say that “we are fault less hosting provider”. Hence here, support plays a crucial role in getting your hosting issues solved promptly, efficiently and with ease.

3. INODE / File restrictions: Almost 99.95% of the web hosting providers set a file / Inode restrictions in your hosting plan and advertises 100GB or unmetered / unlimited storage space whereas in real you never get it!! Instead you were forced to upgrade when you reach the Inode limit set in your plan by your hosting provider. Hence always prefer to buy hosting plan which has no inode restrictions be it a shared hosting plan, cloud plan or vps hosting.

3. Hosting Features: Always check for the list of helpful features ONLY. There may be endless features mentioned on the hosting provider’s website which may not be useful for you and those are just to attract & convince you to buy hosting plans from them. Instead check for the features you will be needing in your website hosting. For example: a free unlimited SSL Certificate, 100% SSD storage drive, No Inode restrictions, Free website builder, malware protection, brute force protection and backups.

What is Litespeed web server?

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from LiteSpeed technologies. It can be used to replace an existing Apache server without changing any other programs or operating system details. Best of all, it can be integrated without breaking anything. As such, LiteSpeed Web Server can quickly replace a major bottleneck in your existing web hosting platform.

Is there any Server-side optimizations done in cloud hosting plans?

Our specifically configured servers for cloud hosting helps in boosting the performance of your site. Server truly powered by Litespeed, Web server caching, enabling gzip compression and setting cache headers helps in reducing the server load per visitor.

Do you offer Free SSL certificate in Cloud hosting plans?

Yes, all our cloud hosting plan includes free ssl certificate for your website / project. The best part if that free ssl will be installed automatically on all the add-on domains or sub domains for free. Force SSL is yet another feature available at WEBSTRIO Hosting Services which helps you to redirect HTTP to HTTPS in just 1 click directly from your control panel. This helps in securing traffic between your site and its visitors with our HTTPS feature addition which greatly helps in boost SEO ranking of your website – being one of the important aspect of search engine optimization.

Still Not Sure If Managed  Cloud Hosting Is Right for You?

Choosing the right cloud hosting plan is crucial, as it will determine the future of your website. Your website’s needs must be taken into account when choosing the right cloud hosting plan. There are lots of different hosting plans available, and it is your job to determine which one will best suit your website.

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WEBSTRIO Hosting Services is really good and affordable. Highly recommend WEBSTRIO Hosting Services for any one who need secure and best performance hosting.


Managing Partner, Easy Pack Packing Solution

WEBSTRIO Hosting is a best option for people who are looking for high performance in website loading speed with an affordable price.

Shiyas Kuniyil

CEO, Vythiri Greens Resort

WEBSTRIO Hosting is one of the best hosting provider in India. They offers the best hosting packages that meet your budget and requirements. Their staff is very responsive and customer service is very quick to respond.

Athrapulikkal Balakrishnan

Owner, CBHSS School

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